THREAD took the lid off what is possible in journalism. The program showed me I had limited views of not only what I could do with journalism but also how it could be done. I’d recommend it to any storyteller!
— Bria Felicien, Digital Producer, The Greenville News (2017)
Elise Roncace.jpg
Even if your primary interest is not journalism, THREAD succeeds in preparing the student for finding things in life that are really worth telling a story about.
— Elise Roncace, Office Intern, USC US-China Institute (2017)
THREAD combines the experts and ideas of a professional conference with the intimacy and focus of a workshop. The intellectual excellence of Yale influences every aspect of THREAD, and I’m a better writer with new inspiration as a result. Highly recommended.
— Michael Incavo, Account Manager, Natural United Outdoors Company (2017)
I’ve never been to a workshop quite like this one, in the best possible way. It’s fascinating to talk about our work with such a diverse group of mentors and students. And to do so while much of it is still in progress is both rare and invaluable.
— Tim Ball, Creative Director, Politico Europe (2016)
I left THREAD feeling exponentially more inspired and driven. To learn with such committed, creative and generous storytellers and mentors, from around the country and the world, was an opportunity for which I’m incredibly grateful. I look forward to staying close with these new friends and colleagues for a long time to come!
— Esther Bergdahl, Freelance Journalist & Editor (2016)
THREAD gave me insights into the craft of storytelling that have already changed the way I write. I’ve come away totally energized by the incredible work I’ve seen and heard. These three stimulating days have raised my standards for what I might do, creatively and professionally
— Margo True, Food Editor, Sunset Magazine (2015)
There is no other program like THREAD. It’s an inspiring, supportive, diverse environment that’s helped me grow, network, and learn.
— Bian Elkhatib, Copy Editor, Moline Dispatch Publishing Company (2015)
Having produced and attended conferences worldwide for 30 years, THREAD provided a singularly superb experience in crafting stories and meaningful connections with an audience. The program and setting exceeded all expectations within the first 24 hours.
— Ed Romanoff, CEO/Founder, PineRock Productions (2015)
The opportunity to talk shop with such brilliant people was enriching, both intellectually and emotionally.
— Bonnie Wertheim, Editorial Assistant, The New York Times Syndicate (2015)
THREAD did more than provide me advice on structure, pace and the rest of what makes a compelling story — it gave me access to the creators that have mastered those qualities in today’s industry.
— Matt Walks, Digital Media Associate, ESPN (2015)
This was an amazing experience. I made friends with other professionals from all over the country and learned techniques from industry leaders. I took more notes at THREAD than I did in my senior year of college!
— Keith Faber, Senior Digital Editor, Boys' Life Magazine - Boy Scouts of America (2015)