Class of 2015

"I'll be applying the things I learned at THREAD to my writing and to my career for a long time to come. And I can't wait to follow up with all the talented people I've met from across the field." - Josie Sexton, Food & Drink Reporter, The Coloradoan (Gannett)

"The speakers and mentors were top notch experts in their fields and at the same time accessible. My experience will have a lasting impact on my work as well as my sense of self as a storyteller." - Patty Curry, Writer/Learner/Teacher, Ulster County Community College/Hudson Valley Writing Project

"I came here with 1 or 2 dreams, and left with a pocketful of them." - Martha Frankel, Director, Woodstock Writers

"If you're hesitating, just do it. Great speakers, great workshopping opportunities, and overall a great experience." - Amanda Hutchinson, Editorial Fellow, Modern Notion

THREAD gave me insights into the craft of storytelling that have already changed the way I write. I’ve come away totally energized by the incredible work I’ve seen and heard. These three stimulating days have raised my standards for what I might do, creatively and professionally
— Margo True, Food Editor, Sunset Magazine

"It is refreshing and inspiring to be with people who share my passion for stories but pursue that path in other ways." - Catherine Cheney, West Coast Global Development Reporter, Devex

"There is no other program like THREAD, it's an inspiring, supportive, diverse environment, that's helped me grow, network, and learn." - Bian Elkhatib, Copy Editor, Moline Dispatch Publishing Company

"I came confused and left inspired." - Mayada Ghazala, Social Media Integration Producer, Middle East Broadcast Network

"There was a diverse, stellar lineup of speakers who offered insight into many different facets and media of storytelling." - Sari Botton, Writer, editor, editorial director, workshop leader

Having produced and attended conferences worldwide for 30 years, THREAD provided a singularly superb experience in crafting stories and meaningful connections with an audience. The program and setting exceeded all expectations within the first 24 hours.
— Ed Romanoff, CEO/Founder, PineRock Productions

"The opportunity to talk shop with such brilliant people was enriching, both intellectually and emotionally." - Bonnie Wertheim, Editorial Assistant, The New York Times Syndicate

"THREAD took me on a mind-expanding, career-invigorating romp in the field of modern media. I not only connected with outstanding people, but also with a new approach to my own work." - Andrea Malin, Freelance Writer

"THREAD provides a stimulating, thrilling, inspired, provocative, informative, fun and brilliant way of sharing and learning.  It quenches a deep thirst for knowledge." - Bonnie Berman, Co-Host/Producer, Topical Currents, WLRN Public Radio and Television

"Invigorating, breath-taking, eye-opening. Like tossing your brain in an alpine lake." - Fred Haefele, Writer/Teacher

THREAD did more than provide me advice on structure, pace and the rest of what makes a compelling story — it gave me access to the creators that have mastered those qualities in today’s industry.
— Matt Walks, Digital Media Associate, ESPN

"Writers often spend a lot of time in their own heads. At THREAD, you meet amazing people - both the presenters and your fellow attendees - and you have time to listen, chat, learn, share, discover, be inspired. Get out of your head and into THREAD." - Samantha Bennett, Research Editor, RAND Corporation

"THREAD invigorated the storytelling itch inside me. Hearing and sharing with all kinds of storytellers is unique and progressive. No matter where you are at in our career and no matter what discipline you come from, you will get something out of this workshop." -Chris Tyree, Multimedia Producer & Photojournalist, Journey Group and Truth With A Camera

"I found the chance to work with other professional storytellers on the nitty gritty of my own work as well as hear their processes to be invaluable. I walked away with a clearer sense of purpose for my work, a renewed momentum and a diverse group of colleagues with whom to continue the conversation." - Amanda Shaw Newsome, Freelance Writer & Producer

"A first-rate lecture series on storytelling by some of America's finest storytellers at one of the world's top-ranked educational institutions." - GE Anderson, Freelancer

This was an amazing experience. I made friends with other professionals from all over the country and learned techniques from industry leaders. I took more notes at THREAD than I did in my senior year of college!
— Keith Faber, Senior Digital Editor, Boys' Life Magazine - Boy Scouts of America

"I loved the mix of people I met, people at all stages of their careers, with so many different interests in the storytelling world and medium.  Everyone was very open, and I definitely feel like I learned from the students as well as the teachers and speakers." - Katie Workman, Writer, The Mom 100

"THREAD was one of the best things I could have done as a college student. I met so many amazing people in such diverse fields, and was met with equally amazing career advice. I was initially nervous about providing my critiques on others' pieces, but everyone in my group was encouraging and accepting. I learned so much at THREAD, it was truly an invaluable experience and I can't speak highly enough about it." - Stephanie Beckett, Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"THREAD is an enlightening opportunity to collaborate with minds that run the gamut." - Laura Dalton, Freelance Writer