June 9-12, 2019   //   Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut


Are you a writer? Radio journalist? Podcaster? Multimedia adventurer? They all sound good to us.

Storytelling today moves from one platform to another. The best magazines, like The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine, have print editions but also offer podcasts, photography slideshows, and other multimedia content. Meanwhile, a live, spoken-word experience like The Moth has become a radio show — and now a book, a print collection of its greatest hits.

It’s time that storytellers had a gathering that respected the new reality, by disrespecting the old boundaries.

Hear mentors and participants talk about why THREAD is the one program you don't want to miss.

THREAD at Yale is a gathering of non-fiction storytellers that does not care whether you work in print, video, audio, photography, or some form we haven’t even thought of yet.

At this program, a small group of storytellers will gather for three days and nights to learn from masters in the field. And from each other. It’s not a conference, and it’s not a workshop.

It’s both. Maybe it’s neither.

THREAD at Yale is an offshoot of the Yale Journalism Initiative (YJI). YJI was founded in 2006, with a gift from Steven Brill, to encourage Yale students to consider careers in journalism. The Initiative’s faculty so far have included Steven Brill, Jill Abramson, Mark Schoofs, and Bob Woodward, and its alumni, called Yale Journalism Scholars, now work at major storytelling platforms from The New York Times to NPR, from PBS to Slate and Buzzfeed and beyond. THREAD AT YALE builds on this vision but is limited to those ages 21 and up (though exceptions may be made for talented storytellers between the ages of 18 and 21). Unlike some other journalists’ gatherings, there is no preference for "mid-career" applicants. We don’t care about your age or your level of experience, just your enthusiasm. 

We hope that you will join us! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Once the class is full, applicant names will be added to a waiting list. We encourage you to apply as early as possible as the class fills up quickly.